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Through BIS License for toys, you can the right to manufacture toys of electronic and not electronic nature in India. The security certificate for toys also allows to import toys from foreign countries. Reach out to Registrationwala for further information.

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BIS Certification for toys process

Step 1
Step 2
Application filing
Step 3
Application Assessment
Step 4
Manufacturing facility's inspection
Step 5
Grant of BIS

What is BIS certification for Toys in India?

As per the Toy Quality Control Order issued in 2020, the Safety of Toys came under the Jurisdiction of BIS. Thus, toy manufacturers have to get BIS certification for safety of toys before launching their products.

Toys are the key through which a child grows. The amusement it provides paves the way for child to be a happy one. However, with more and more materials used to make toys getting toxic, it was made mandatory that a Toy Quality Control Order is issued.

Brought in by the DPIIT, ministry of Commerce, the Safety of Toys now became a the responsibility of BIS. As such, if you’re a toy manufacturer, you need to acquire BIS certificate for toys.

What are the different BIS standards for toys?

To issue BIS License for toys, the Bureau of Indian Standard has categories the toys in following categories:

1.    Electric Toys

2.    Non Electric Toys

Electric Toys

These toys are electricity powered. The BIS certificate for Electronic toys comes under the applicable standard IS 15644:2006. The toys that come under for this BIS registration for electric toys are the ones that are electricity dependent are only able to perform one function.

Non Electric Toys

These toys, as the name suggest, aren’t powered by electricity. In fact, it’s their physical and mechanical aspect that makes them suitable for BIS registration for Non electronic toys. the standard implemented here is IS 9873 (Part 1): 2019.

The toys manufacturer for the following require BIS Certificate for non electric toys.

1.    Rattles

2.    Dolls

3.    Puzzles

4.    Etc.

Whether it’s BIS registration for electronic toys or it’s BIS Certificate for non electronic  toys, one has to know the process to file the online BIS application for toys.

Difference between BIS and ISI

Many of you might be thinking about the BIS mark a bit too much. What about the ISI mark? Well, as per the rules, BIS certifications took over ISI. Thus, when we are talking about BIS certificate for toys, we are talking about ISI certificate for toys. When someone is talks about Toy BIS certificate, they are talking about toys ISI certificate, and when similarly, Toys BIS registration became Toys ISI registration.

The ISI marking for toys is provided by the BIS. The Indian Standard registration for toys, since is now been handled by the Bureau of Indian standards, the ISI marking of toys has now been replaced. Furthermore, that’s not only limited to Indian manufacturers. In case of foreign manufactures, the what was once the ISI mark on imported toys, has now become the BIS mark.

Eligibility Criteria for BIS certification for Toys in India

The only eligibility criteria you’re required to meet to file BIS certification is that your documents should be precise, correct and up to date.

Documents Required for BIS certification for Toys in India

Following are the documents required for BIS certification:

1.    List of Raw materials

2.    Details of factory Location

3.    Manufacturing process description

4.    Machinery details

5.    Plant Layout details

6.    Test report by a BIS recognized Laboratory (You have to get it from BIS LAB testing for toys)

7.    Photograph of toys

8.    Undertaking

9.    Online Application form

YOU can start the process of BIS certification in India right away. All you need to do is reach out to our consultants.

Process of obtaining the BIS certification for Toys in India

The process of filing the online TOYS BIS application and obtaining the TOYS BIS registration certificate differs depending the location of manufacturer.

1.    The process for the domestic manufacturer: In case of domestic manufacturer,  it’s the Manak online through which the BIS application online for toys is filed. 

2.    The process for the Foreign manufacturer: In case the manufacturer is a foreign manufacturer, there are multiple things to consider. For one, the website  is different for filing BIS online application for imported toys. Secondly, the ISI mark on imported toys has to go through more scrutiny. And finally, the BIS registration for imported toys has to go through an Indian representative first.

Getting BIS License for toys if you’re a domestic manufacturer

1.    Create login on the MANAK website: Your first course of business in the process of getting safety registration for toys is to create a login on the official website.

2.    Choose the BIS standard: If you want to get BIS registration for non electronic toys, choose that way. In case you’re looking BIS certificate for Electric choice, choose another option.

3.    Document Upload: Provide all the necessary documents for required for Safety marking on toys.

4.    Application filing: File the online application. And ensure that every detail put in regarding the safety registration for toys is thorough.

5.    Confirm Factory Inspection Date: Once you’ve filed the application, and have gotten notification that the details are correct, get ready for the inspection. Once you are, confirm the inspection date.

6.    Go through Inspection: Let the BIS officials come into your manufacturing unit and check your facilities. They will generate a thorough report upon inspection that decides where or not you’ll obtain the BIS certification.

7.    Get the BIS License: If the auditor deems your application and the inspection worthy, you’ll obtain the BIS certification.

Getting BIS License for toys if the manufacturer is foreign.

1.    Creating a login at the BIS website: Unlike the domestic manufacturers, foreign manufacturers need to get their BIS certificate for imported toys via the BIS website.

2.    Choose the conformity for assessment: Similar to the case of domestic manufacturers where one has to choose between different non electric or electric standards. Here too, one has to choose between different possibilities.

3.    Choose the type of product certification you’re looking for: For toy registration under BIS for your toys, as a foreign manufacturer need to choose the product certification.

4.    Download and fill the product application form: Now, download and fill application form.

5.    Attached the required documents.

6.    Application will be assessed.

7.    Once assessed, inspection would take place: As a foreign manufacturer, you’d have to take care of expenses of the auditors sent by the BIS to your country. Take care of the same and get your manufacturing unit inspected.

8.    Get the certification: Once the inspector approves of your manufacturing process and the product, you’ll obtain BIS certification

Our Assistance to get the BIS certification for Toys in India

We provide end to end assistance for services related to BIS certification for toys:

·         We file your application

·         We accumulate your documents

·         We conduct a thorough follow up

·         We ensure that you get BIS certification for toys on time.

So, are you a manufacturer of toys in India or abroad? Get BIS certified to get the right to sell them in India.

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