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Don't have your own AYUSH manufacturing unit? Don't worry. With an AYUSH Loan license, you can manufacture alternative medicine after getting the manufacturing facility of another license holder on loan.

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AYUSH Loan License

Step 1
Application filing
Step 2
Application Assessment
Step 3
Inspection of facility
Step 4
Grant of AYUSH loan License

What is AYUSH Loan License in India?

The AYUSH loan License is the authorization given to those who don’t have a manufacturing unit but want to avail the manufacturing facility of the holder of an AYUSH manufacturing license.

Simply put, loan licensing is a way for an individual who doesn’t have a manufacturing unit of his own to get the manufacturing facility of another AYUSH manufacturer on a loan licensing basis.

Eligibility Criteria for AYUSH Loan License in India

AYUSH Loan License can only be granted on the condition that the manufacturing facility whose services you want to get on loan licensing basis, has adequate staff, equipment, capacity to manufacture and facilities.

Simply put, the manufacturer should have adequate facilities to manufacture ayush products on your behalf. 

Documents required for AYUSH Loan License in India

·         Copy of  the manufacturing license of the manufacturer

·         Documents pertaining to your marketing firm/company

·         Details of the competent person including their qualification certifications

·         Other documents that the AYUSH ministry might ask during the follow-ups


Procedure for AYUSH Loan License in India

The process of obtaining the Ayush Loan License is as follows:

  1. First, a file has to be created containing all the required documents.
  2. Then, an application for Ayush Loan License will be filed.
  3. The application is then submitted to the state office of the AYUSH ministry along with the application processing fees. 

Our assistance for AYUSH Loan License in India

We provide end to end assistance when getting you AYUSH license in India:

  1. We help file the application
  2. We draft the required documents
  3. We conduct follow up with the AYUSH ministry

If you don't want the hassle of dealing with the department get the AYUSH loan license hassle-free, call Registrationwala. 

Contact us today so that we can get started right away. 

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