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APEDA Registration Process

Step 1
Step 2
Application filing
Step 3
Application Assessment
Step 4
Grant of APEDA Registration

What is APEDA Registration in India?

APEDA, or Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export development authority, was passed in 1985. Established by the Government of India under the Agricultural and Processed Food Products export Development Authority act, following are the salient features of APEDA:

  1. It is a registration that is mandatory for the exporters of scheduled products: Therefore, anyone who wants to become an exporter of processed food products that are mentioned in the schedule, have to get APEDA registration.
  2. It is only needed to be registered for a single time: Unlike many other forms of business licenses, you don’t need to renew your APEDA license after a definite period of time.
  3. Getting APEDA registration makes you eligible for government schemes: The processed food market is seen as a economic driver of the nation. As a result, once you get APEDA registration, you can ask the government for financial assistance.
  4. As an APEDA certificate holder, you are allowed to engage with training programs: The registered members can participate in training programs that are organized in various industries for scheduled products.

Eligibility Criteria for APEDA Registration in India

To be eligible for APEDA Registration, you must be an importer, manufacturer or promoter of following products:

  • Meat and meat products
  • Fruits, vegetables and their products
  • Poultry and poultry products
  • Dairy products
  • Honey, jaggery and sugar products
  • Confectionery, biscuits and bakery products
  • Cocoa and its products, including chocolates of every kind.
  • Groundnuts, peanuts and walnuts
  • Cereal and cereal products
  • Pickles, papads and chutneys
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
  • Guar gum
  • Herbal and medicinal plants
  • Floriculture and floriculture products
  • Sugar Import

Documents Required for APEDA Registration in India

The documents required for APEDA registration are as follows:

1.    Self attested copy of IE Code issued by the DGFT.

2.    A copy of Import Export code

3.    Bank certificate signed by the authorities.

4.    Cancelled Cheque

5.    Bank statement of the bank account of the company or firm (for the last two months)

Process of obtaining the APEDA Registration in India

The process of APEDA registration consists of the following steps. Our certification experts will be with you all the way through.

  1. Go to APEDA website and register as a member
  2. Once you become a registered user, enter your credentials to login.
  3. Upload the required documents and file the online application.
  4. Submit the registration fee of INR 5,000/-
  5. You’ll receive an application number. Save it.
  6. Keep monitoring the application using that number and your user credentials.
  7. APEDA will process your application.
  8. If your application fulfils the correct requirements, you’ll obtain RCMC or APEDA registration.

At any moment if we feel like your application might get rejected, we will strategize to ensure acceptance for your application.

Our Assistance to get the APEDA Registration in India

 Registrationwala can assist you with the registration by providing you the following services:

1.    Document drafting

2.    Application filing

3.    Processing the application

4.    Completing the registration

Therefore, get in touch with us if you want the APEDA registration in minimum time and at minimum APEDA registration fees.  

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